Dressing Room / Music Room

As the children grew up, the rooms evolved around our changing needs. The smallest bedroom, originally the perfect room for the youngest child, conveniently close to the bathroom and to us, was variously used as a dressing room and as a study / music room – housing guitars, music and places to sit, listen and enjoy 🙂


There was also space for a spare laptop and we had a lot of fun pretending that we were both in tune and recordable


I love books and no room is comfortable without a few to line the walls. That is one huge advantage in a big house, there are always walls that are crying out for decoration, pictures and books!

Of course now that the house is empty, the bare rooms will be ready for someone else’s imagination to fill them, but I thought you might like to see it as it looked in “our day”

It looks so different when bare – so what would you use it for?

Bedroom 6/ Dressing Room Bedroom 6/ Dressing Room

Bedroom 6/ Dressing Room View out of the room towards the Main Landing