Colours – Sky Blue and Sunset Red

Sunset from Javea

Sunset from Javea

Been a funny couple of months, a sick camera and strange weather. What I have noticed is that dramatic skies on the Mediterranean seem to be getting even more dramatic than I can ever remember!

Night Sky from Javea

Of course the constantly changing weather means stormy cloudy skies one minute and clear blue the next

Blue Mediterranean Sky

The New  Year and the  clear weather it has brought make it a perfect time for exploring the countryside with a camera in tow. Last week I dragged the family out onto the Montgo for a short amble. It was quite late when we set out from the Jesus Pobre Road, but it only took a few minutes ambling along well worn foot paths to be able to see the contrasts in colour and sky from the horrid weather we had before Christmas.

Montgo Natural Park

The light just before sunset was stupendous and very dramatic – and the Elephant’s Eye (the natural cave that features on most photos of the Montgo) was etched clearly in the strong light – it certainly made the highlight of the walk.

The Eye of the Montgo

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