Colours – Terracotta, Red, Orange and Green

Terracotta, Red, Orange and Green – the colours of Early Summer on the Mediterranean.

The strong contrasts of blue sky, white stucco walls and red tiles set against green Mountains and  old stone – Think of the Alicante Region  and these are the images that you take away from here.

The fresh fish markets and their huge trays of freshly prepared prawns of pure colour…

..tossed onto ice  to keep cool on the way up to the cool mountains for lunch.

Then on to Guadalest – for the fresh mountain air and so many places and views to photograph.


It is just as well that there are so many cafes handy at which to stop and take a break!

But it isn’t just the Castle that makes Guadalest such a popular tourist destination. In the height of the Summer, it is the colour, the relatively inexpensive Tourist shops, the inevitable and bizarre Museums of miniature curiosities that add to the quaintness of this small Spanish Mountainside village.

The very respectable Guadalest Museum is worth a special mention – I have a thing about heights – and getting to the top of the castle has always defeated me – but the museum, with its attractive and interesting contents, climbs the hillside, discreetly, and lands you close to the top of the Castle – overlooking the town, in a painless and easy route (although there is a small charge )! Those not suffering from either acrophobia ( a posh name for my irrational fear of falling) or vertigo (a fear of heights rather than of falling) can take the shortcut up to the top, for free!

However, for the less energetic, there is plenty to photograph with feet kept firmly on the ground… unlike the property below where nature may be winning!

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