Colours – White

Yesterday was sunny and hot, last night it rained and today is sunny with a light breeze – and I have been thinking about how the contrasts in time of day, weather and temperature change the colours of everything around.

I went outside at 1 am, this morning, because the moonflowers were flowering on the terrace.

They only flower for one night – in the morning  they are gone, but in their brief moment of glory they hang over their terracotta pots, on the edge of their dreary cactus plant,  shining out and opening to the moon.

All you could see, until the camera flashed, was coloured by the yellow  light of the terrace lamp.

Javea is a town of Tosca Stone and white walls  – so white is a good point to start the trawl through the spectrum.

This morning I started to look through my albums to see what other colours stood out for me besides the white of the casa walls and the warm yellow and green of the pot plants and the street lights..




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