Colours – Blue

In my last post I was looking through albums to see what colours predominate and sum up this area of the Mediterranean for me.

The first thing that caught my eye was one of the fishing pots caught up in the bright blue nets down in Javea Port. The port is one of the few fishing ports that are still active and the nets are strewn over the pots either to make the pots difficult to steal – or to to stop them from toppling if the weather turns. Not to say that all the nets are blue – in Javea we like a little variety !

The port is also a great place to photo local wild-life hovering and keen to take advantage of the many fish who are stupid enough to think that coming in near the shore is a way to escape being caught.

This local cormorant was so intent on proving them wrong that he almost didn’t notice me creeping up on him. I love the contrast between the wet stone, the bird and the strong greeny-blue of the water, behind.

The blue water colour deepens as you look out towards the islands of Ibiza  – whether they are visible or not :-)


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