Mediterranean Lifestyle

I have been exploring old photo folders trying to establish what people mean when they talk about longing for a Mediterranean lifestyle.

One of the first photos that I came across was a woman, face down, soaking up sunshine – apparently comfortable – I can only assume that she walked barefoot across what would have been very hot pebbles to arrive where she was lying – a dozen yards from the warm sea.

Then there is the ability to walk along a sun-drenched beach, in the middle of winter.

Of course there are the stunning sunsets

…and seas calm enough, for most of the year, to take even a small inflatable a few yards on to the water (even though it is probably shallow enough to wade).

Did I mention the sunsets?

…and the inevitable pigeons, soaking up the sunshine, nestling in amongst ancient stone monuments or ruins

and the wonderful food

…and, of course, the sunsets?

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