Stray Dogs

I have been reliably informed that every true blogger has to give in, at some time, to their inner “cuteness appeal” so I thought I had best get it over with, sooner rather than later!

So, first up are a few of the dogs that we keep coming across.

I am a dog lover and have owned two, neither replaceable. However, that does not mean that I haven’t met a few dogs that I would have loved to adopt and take home.

First on today’s cuteness ratio is the little chap above, shut into a dark cool room on a scorching hot day in Cyprus. He looked wistful, fluffy and longingly at every passerby, patently wishing for someone to open the glass door, where he sat patiently waiting.

So, having started there, for this collection, I will stay in Cyprus with this pair, who needed no other entertainment except each other and the waves, near Limassol.

The chap below wanted to adopt us and followed us closely on a long walk around the Kouris Dam and Reservoir.

The reservoir was built in 1988 and drowned a village in the process, leaving only the church showing partially above the waterline. When we first visited, the Church was half submerged and the reservoir full.

According to Wikipedia – the reservoir is by far the biggest in Cyprus

Name District Type Completed Capacity (m3)
Kouris Limassol Earthen 1988 115,000,000

…so it was astonishing, on that last visit, to realise that the church was well above the waterline and explorable. A huge worry on a drought-ridden island.

Not that our friend seemed fazed, having so much more to explore, but he was patently lonely – and if we had not been about to leave Cyprus for Spain, I think he would have found a space in the car.

Not that we ever had to be dog-less, we had plenty of friends happy for us to share their dogs on the beach and in the sea.

Nor was it any different on the Turkish side. On one of my favourite trips to a wonderful eco-hotel on the “Pan-handle”, the hotel seemed pleased to lend us their dog.

He would wait until we had dragged a comfy lounger onto the soft sand and would bound into the warm water, swim til he was completely soaked, leap out of the water and roll on the beach to dry off… at which point, sticky with sand, he would jump up onto the lounger and get himself completely comfortable. He would doze, happily, at our sides, until one of us looked like we were keen to walk with him, along the beach… where the whole walk, run, bound, splash, roll and wriggle process would be repeated… until we wanted to drag the lounger back.

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