Colours – Pink

Pink is the colour of Spring and heralds the start of Summer in Javea.

Pink blossom on the almond trees, pink hibiscus and pink oleander along the roads and in the gardens. The valleys start to show pink at the end of February and driving into the Jalon Valley to get wine from the Community Bodega means driving through several miles of white orange blossom fringed by pink almond flowers.

Back in Town the flower pots start to bloom. A few years ago a best Balcony competition was started in Javea Pueblo, now the town is full of flowers on steps, above heads and in the narrowest of streets.

As the fiesta season hits, the children wear the most splendid dresses – and the streets are full of noise and colour (and sweets).

The garden wall is covered in Passion Flowers and as soon as the sun starts to warm the stones and the ground at the beginning of the year, the pink, mauve and green centred  Passion Flowers bloom again and again – a few flowers at a time, until the winter rain makes them rest until the following year.

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